Eligibility & Requirements

Applicants who are accepted to perform in the concert will be
compensated for their job.

Eligibility and rules for submission

  • If covid-19 conditions are absolutely safe, participants in the concert should be willing to travel to the greater Philadelphia area for all rehearsals and the concert and are expected to be responsible for round trip cost of transportation.
  • Auditions will be held by live zoom.
  • All candidates who have successfully passed the audition will be required to record their pieces or movements as specified in “Recording requirements for virtual concert” – see below.

Concert will be prerecorded and livestreamed as a virtual concert on Sunday May 2 at 2:00 PM.

Recording requirements for virtual concert

Participants will be responsible to record works written for more than one instrument with their own equipment, just their part without the other instruments, unless Arts International decides to choose to have the piano accompaniment recorded first. In this case, they will be responsible to match their part to the accompaniment while following a metronome beat heard through ear phones throughout.

All recording equipment must meet the following specifications from our tech engineer:

Ideally you have an external microphone, whether it’s an H2 Handy Recorder or USB. Using the built-in microphone on phone/tablet/computer/camera is not ideal, but there are ways to improve that quality if that’s all you have available (such as by recording on an app that allows gain adjustments and does not automatically apply effects.) Video from a smart phone camera is fine as long as there’s appropriate lighting. We suggest that you face a window for natural light. Please record with the phone in a horizontal orientation.

We can easily sync video recorded with external microphone.

All tempos must be executed with accurate precision and includes rests.

All participants must register and apply online.

Live Zoom Audition requirements

Upon acceptance into the live Zoom auditions, candidates will be required to perform in a virtual live audition through Zoom.

There is no strict time limit imposed at the audition, but jurors may interrupt the performance. No cuts will be allowed at the audition performance.

All participants will be required to perform one complete composition from the classical period and one complete composition from the romantic period.

Please note that all decisions made by the jury are final, and all participants who are chosen to perform in concert are required to abide by the rules outlined in this registration application.